General care

At Centre Santé Dentaire in Deux-Montagnes, we offer a variety of dental care all in one place!

General dentistry

Dental caries

Dental caries form when bacteria in plaque convert sugar into acid and cause tooth decay.


A dental crown is a hollow artificial tooth that covers the visible part of the tooth.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth often need to be extracted to prevent future problems.

Gum graft

Gum grafts are performed to cover the exposed root surface.


The misalignment of teeth can lead to a series of problems if not corrected.


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the supporting structure of the teeth.


A bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that is used to replace one or more missing teeth.


A mouth guard protects the mouth and teeth during contact sports.

Root canal

A root canal treatment removes the diseased dental pulp to stop the spread of infection.

Gum treatment

Inflammation of the gums is caused by an accumulation of dental plaque and tartar.

Esthetic dentistry

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment to brighten up your smile!


A veneer is a thin custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of the teeth.

Sleep disorder

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea causes obstruction of the breathing passage during sleep.


Bruxism is the unconscious grinding or clenching of teeth, either during the day or night.