Reduce the risk of an injury to your teeth, lips and tongue with the use of a mouth guard.

Why a mouthguard?

Participating in sport can lead to an accident that causes mouth or teeth injuries.

If you are involved in a contact sport (boxing, hockey, football, soccer), the use of a mouth guard is highly recommended.

A mouthguard reduces the risks of injuries to the teeth and mouth, and protects against concussions and jaw fractures.

Types of mouthguards

Preshaped mouthguard

  • Impossible to adjust
  • Uncomfortable and unstable
  • Breathing and speech impeded

'Do it yourself' mouthguard

  • Partially adapted to the teeth
  • Less stable
  • Inadequate protection

Custom fitted mouthguard

  • Comfortable
  • Stays in place
  • Does not interfere with breathing or speech
  • Compatible with orthodontic appliances
  • Can be adapted to the sport
  • Highly recommended

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